Classic Smudge Pot


Smudge Pots originally used to keep frost off fruit trees in orchards. We have taken the concept of heating large orchards to now heating your outdoor entertainment space. Our smudge pots radiate sufficient heat with the stack reaching a temperature of over 1000°.

Smudge pots are designed to safely burn on most outdoor surfaces. Can be used on your patio, deck or in your yard. The temperature and flames are are adjustable by rotating the dampener on the bottom of the smudge pot.

Holds 4.5 gallons of diesel or oil and will burn up to 8 hours. Have excess used motor oil you are unsure what to do with? Recycle it in your smudge pot.

Height 48”, Base Width 25.5”, Stack Width 5.25”


Our steel cut smudge pots are each hand-crafted in northern Idaho. Cut from long-lasting durable steel. Sanded for a smooth finish. Clean (without sparks or embers) burning heat that can be used year around outdoors.

*Cannot be used indoors.

Dimensions 48 × 25.5 × 5.25 in


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Classic Steel Smudge PotClassic Smudge Pot
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